Bob’s Testimony

Bob Bassler’s Testimony

Bob Bassler was a Born Again Christian who fell into sin. He was the President of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Association for five years. Bob worked with Dr. Lester Sumrall in his South Bend, Indiana headquarters, where people came from all over the world to be set free from demonic oppression.

Bob started getting careless with his relationship with God and, as with all neglected relationships, it began to weaken. Bob started smoking, and soon after, bad associations and soul-ties developed. Satan knows the areas of our weaknesses. He knew that Bob had developed soul-ties at the age of 12 yrs with a young friend whose father was at the top echelon of the Mafia in Detroit. Bob had a fascination with the underworld and satan used this to get Bob caught up with the Mexican Mafia once again. In addition, and because of his associations, a cocaine habit formed and Bob was selling up to 2 1/2 keys per week. One key is 36oz and one oz goes for anywhere between $1600 and $2000. He was deeply in trouble! The Scriptures say, “man cannot mock God, for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” Bob was sowing to corruption and he was reaping corruption. Praise the Lord that no one can hide from Him and He is a merciful God. Bob got caught – God saw to that.

The police put out a “sting operation”on Bob.  On the day of his arrest, he was enjoying what could have been his last meal as a free man for 150 years – steak and eggs.  As Bob was leaving the restaurant, he sensed that something was wrong. Suddenly, he was approached by a man he did not recognize and was asked to come to his car. From the trunk of his car, the man pulled out a zippered bag that had $25,000 in it. He asked Bob if he could get a key of cocaine for him. Of course Bob could! When he paid Bob $3100 for two ounces, suddenly something went off in Bob’s “knower” and he knew that all was not as it appeared. Something was terribly wrong! What he didn’t know was that something was very right. God was at work. Bob knew at that moment, what was about to happen that day would change his life completely. He decided to hit the back roads because he had nineteen 8 balls of pure cocaine and about $5300 dollars in his glove box, plus a loaded revolver. When he cut through a bank parking lot, there was a brown Bronco waiting for him- and a 9mm gun pointing in his direction. There were no markings on the Bronco, and nobody identified themselves as a cop, so Bob thought it was a contract out to kill him. He quickly threw his vehicle in reverse only to find that he was surrounded by cars. Then he saw the badges.

There were nine cops and one of him. He was caught. All he could say
was, “you got me!” as he surrendered – what else could he do?
He knew that it was God. God was having him arrested.

The cops scuffled with him, put him to his knees on the sharp stones and cuffed him. It was over. After five overdoses (the sixth may have been the fatal one), and the time he almost killed three people over a cocaine deal, there was no doubt. God stepped in and said “Enough!”

Bob was thankful then and is thankful today that God cared enough for him to arrest him. To rescue him from a life style that was not only hurting him, but all those close to him. Bob had a praying wife. The power of a praying spouse can never be overrated. His wife Georgia prayed him through. People told her that she had Biblical reasons to leave him, but she wouldn’t. She had faith and great tenacity.

Bob was escorted to jail facing 150 years with seven Class A felony counts. When Bob was placed in his cell, there was a freshly painted sign that read, “Jesus loves Ya!” He knew that message was for him. He knew that God’s love had arrested and rescued him. God’s love is full of mercy.

The cops are not “pigs!” They are working tools of God, used to rescue those who have lost their way, and capture them for God’s mercy’s sake. Tools used of God to save lives.

It took a while for Bob to come down from the cocaine-saturated body and to be set free from the wild living. He had been empowered by the devil and was well known as a man of power in all the strip joints, on the streets and in the underworld. God had to break all of that off of him. Bob’s soul was being held for ransom by the devil, but the Lord paid the price and redeemed back His own.

Bob’s ministry began in prison. God gave him the only unsupervised job, working nights in the greenhouse with all the beautiful flowers and plants, which enabled him to spend quality time with the Lord. In turn, he was then able to witness and lead many to Christ. He started a church in Prison.

Because of Bob’s exemplary behavior and conduct in Prison, he was given a letter of commendation from the State, honoring his character. The favor of God was with him and he ended up serving only 2 1/2 years instead of the 150 years he was originally facing. He was also to serve 7 years in Texas, but because of the letter of commendation along with a TV program Bob had done with the Supervisor of the Prison, he was not required to serve the additional 7 years. That was God!

God told Bob that He had a ministry for him, back in Indiana, on the same street where he had fallen, reaching the same people he knew as a gangster.

The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, International was a pivotal point in the launching of this ministry. Soon after his release from prison, Bob attended a Prayer Breakfast and Dinner meeting where a prophecy affirmed God’s call on his life.

There were initially three of God’s special redeemed people that began the ministry with Bob. One woman fell away from God, went back to the old lifestyle and died. God had warned her that she was going to die, but the pull of the sin was too strong and she went anyway. She craved that first cigarette. She began smoking again and this opened the door God had closed, and all the old demons came back with their cohorts… she was worse off than she had been before. The Word of God tells us this will happen! Beware of opening doors to the enemy, to spirits that have once been cast out, they will bring others with them and the torment will be worse than it was before. Bob declares, Cigarettes are evil. Nicotine is a powerful drug. It is a doorkeeper that opens the door to demons who use alcohol, drugs, marijuana, and cocaine to enslave people. We have heroin addicts who have been set free from heroin, who cannot kick the nicotine habit. That is how powerful it is.”

The ministry of New Life Deliverance Center is seeing tremendous results.
People are getting set free! It is not a church, but a serving arm of the Church. New converts and those set free from demonic captivity are required to attend church. They love worshipping and giving to the Lord. The hopeless of humanity become the hopeful in God.

The sign that stands outside the New Life Deliverance Center draws people in. It reads “New Life Deliverance Center – Jesus setting free from alcohol, drugs, nicotine and unclean spirits. Call for help.” Many call the center for deliverance as well as walk in and ask for help and prayer. They are desperate for a touch from God.

The devil tried to devour Bob Bassler. He could not succeed because God kept an eye on Bob. God arrested and rescued him. Seducing spirits are seducing all kinds of people, even born again Christians, into a lifestyle of sin with the promises of pleasure, self-gratification, wealth, power – all false promises designed to steal, kill and destroy.

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom to call out to God to rescue you. He will – He wants to set you free!