Deliverance from Curses

Demons operate on legalities. If you have cast out demons and cast out demons and cast out demons with no lasting result, then there could be a curse that gives the demons legal rights to stay in us or to come back.

We want to provide a list of curses to break before you start Deliverance (casting out demons) to take away the legal rights of some of the demons. As you start breaking curses, the Holy Spirit may give you other curses that need to be broken. Remember to always begin with repentance – asking the Lord to forgive you and your ancestors for the sins and iniquities that allowed the curses to be placed upon you/them.

It is not necessary to know the sin or iniquity that opened the door for the curses and demons, just call it the sin and/or iniquity that was committed, etc. Some of the scriptures to read are Exodus 20:5; Numbers 14:18 and Deuteronomy 5:9. As Exodus 34:6 & 7 state – the Lord is merciful and will forgive sin and iniquity, but if that sin and iniquity is not confessed so He can forgive then the curses are upon us allowing demons to operate in us and the end of that operation is death.

  • Psalm 103:3 says, “Who forgives [every one of] all your iniquities, Who heals [each one of] all your diseases.” JESUS IS OUR DELIVERER! Amen! As we repent and Jesus forgives us, we can also know from His Word that righteousness comes through the bloodline!
  • Psalm 103:17 says, “But the mercy and loving-kindness of the Lord are from everlasting to everlasting upon those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him, and His righteousness is to children’s children.” Don’t misunderstand – our children are NOT saved just because we are. However, the righteousness of God does pass through the bloodline and we receive blessings because our ancestors loved God.

As the Word of God tells us, the curses are placed upon us and can pass down through the bloodline. So we do not have to sin to have a curse placed upon us. For example, witchcraft carries a 3 or 4 generational curse. That is 160 years. Do you know what your great, great, great grandparents did while they were alive? Visit a fortuneteller, read tea leaves, did voodoo, and the list goes on. Most of us do not know specific things that they did, but Jesus does, and that is why we break these curses even if we do not know for sure if anyone in our ancestors committed the sins. We believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy – the job of the demons are to do these very things to us.


  • Curse of Incest and Whoredom
  • Illegitimacy in Children. (Deut 23)
  • Curse of Murder (Cain’s Curse)
  • Curse of Idolatry and Anathema (this is when you take on the curse of cursed objects you bring into your home and you then become a cursed object.)
  • Curse of Witchcraft (any form such as reading your horoscopes, calling the psychic line, fortune telling in all forms)
  • Curse of Jezebel and Ahab – controlling spirits in women and passive, weak characters in men
  • Curse of Meroz – that is when you do not take up your sword and fight the enemy – read Ephesians 6
  • Curse of Asa – the king who went to physicians first instead of to the Lord first, replacing the supernatural with the natural – Seek God first and He may tell you to go to a doctor!
  • Curse of Rebellion – teenagers are often under this curse and it is followed with a lack of respect for authority
  • Curse of Bitterness – diseases can manifest in the form of arthritis and cancer because of bitterness
  • Curse of Burning Incense to other gods – smoking cigarettes, tobacco of any kind
  • Curse of Infirmity / Sickness / Disease / Death – the function of the devil and his demons is to steal, kill and destroy, he will try to destroy our bodies
  • Curses listed in Deuteronomy 28 – go to chapter 28: 15-68, read each curse and break it

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