Generational Curses part 3

Breaking Generational Curses

Strongholds to be broken by deliverance

  • Spirit of Jealousy – Murder, Revenge-Spite, Anger-Rage, Jealousy, Hatred, Cruelty, Strife, Contention, Extreme Competition, Envy, Cause Divisions
  • Lying spirit – Strong Deception, Flattery, Superstitions, Religious Bondages, False Prophesy, Accusations, Slander, Gossip, Lies, False Teachers
  • Familiar spirit – Medium, Psychics, Spiritist, Clairvoyant, Necromancer, False Prophecy, Passive-mind-Dreamers, Peeping & Muttering, Yoga, *Drugs (Gk-Pharmakos)
  • Spirit of Divination – Fortuneteller-Soothsayer, Warlock-Witch, Sorcerer, Rebellion, Stargazer-Zodiac, Horoscopes, Hypnotist-Enchanter, Drugs (Gk.-Pharmakos), Water Witching / Divination, Magic
  • Perverse spirit – Broken Spirit, Evil Actions, Atheist, Abortion, Child Abuse, Filthy Mind, Doctrinal Error, Sex Perversions, Foolish, Twisting the Word, Contentious, Chronic Worrier, Incest, Pornography, Homsexuality, Homosexual spirit
  • Spirit of Whoredom *Unfaithfulness/Adultery, Spirit, Soul, or Body Prostitution, Chronic Dissatisfaction, Love of Money, Fornication, Idolatry, Excessive Appetite, Worldliness
  • Spirit of Infirmity *Bent Body-Spine, Impotent-Frail-Lame, Asthma-Hay Fever-Allergies, Lingering Disorders, Weakness, Oppression, Cancer
  • Dumb and Deaf spirit *Dumb-Mute, Crying, Drown, Tearing, Blindness, Mental Illness, Ear Problems, Suicidal, Foaming at Mouth, Seizures/ Epilepsy, Burn, Gnashing Teeth, Pining Away, Prostration-Weakness
  • Spirit of Fear *Fears-Phobias, Torment-Horror, Heart Attacks, Fear of Man, Nightmares-Terrors, Anxiety-Stress, Fear of Death, Untrusting, Doubt
  • Spirit of Haughtiness, Pride *Arrogant-Smug, Pride, Idleness, Scornful, Strife, Obstinate, Self-Deception, Contentious, Self-Righteous, Rebellion, Rejection of God
  • Spirit of Bondage *Fears, Addictions (Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Food, ect), Fear of Death, Captivity to Satan, Servant of Corruption, Compulsive Sin, Bondage to Sin
  • Spirit of Antichrist *Denies Deity of Christ, Denies Atonement, Against Christ & His Teaching, Worldly Speech & Actions, Anti-Christian, Teachers of Heresies, Humanism, Lawlessness, Anti-Christian, Worldly Speech and actions, Teachers of Heresies, Deceiver
  • Spirit of Heaviness *Excessive Mourning, Sorrow-Grief, Insomnia, Broken-Heart, Despair-Dejection-Hopelessness, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Inner Hurts-Torn spirit, Heaviness
  • Seducing spirits* Hypocritical lies, Attractions- Fascination by (false): prophets, signs and wonders, etc, seared conscience, Deception, wander from the truth, Fascination to Evil Ways, Seducers-Enticers
  • Spirit of Error *False Doctrines, New Age movement, Defensive/Argumentative, Unteachable, Unsubmissive, Contentions, Servant of Corruption

*Although drugs belong under the Spirit of Bondage, yet Satan can use the passive-mind state brought about by the drugs to activate everything from depression to possession in those who experiment with or depend on such substances

  • 1 Corinthians 10:21 – Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.

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