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“I wanted to serve the Lord and really did love him, but the devil made me feel like I was whole and happier with the smoking and drinking and made me think I could not live without it.”


I just wanted to share a little about my story. When I was about three years old, my mom became a Jehovah witness. I was baptized at the age of thirteen and pioneered with them. I was eight years old when I saw my first Playboy magazine and I was molested at the age of ten. By this time, I also had seen adults smoking pot, doing coke and watching pornographic movies. I don’t remember a whole lot about my childhood, but what I do remember is I had my first drag of a smoke at about the age of twelve, at thirteen I got drunk. Growing up, we always had a drink of my dad’s or grandpa’s beer.

I ran away from home at the age of fourteen and began drinking and partying.  My parents threw me in a drug rehab for a couple of weeks, but when I was released and returned home, I ran away again until I was seventeen. I tried crystal meth for the first time at the age of eighteen. I smoked pot a couple of times but I mostly drank and smoked cigarettes.

At the age of nineteen, I met my future husband. We met in November and got married in January while I was pregnant with our daughter.  After having our first baby, I didn’t really drink and did not smoke.  I was just into being a mom and a wife. After a year and half,  I came to know the Lord because my husband was a believer when I married him.

Two years into our marriage, all hell broke loose. I was two weeks away from having our second child when we get the call that my little brother was murdered. I remained strong for the family and helped with all the arrangements.  I also made calls to the FBI.  About a month and half after we buried my brother, our son was about a month old and my husband told me he didn’t love me anymore.  I wasn’t sure if we were even going to stay together.

We started having family visit every weekend and we would drink and party. Before I could even realize it, I was in bondage. For many years after this,  I would quit for a little while, only to start up again when things got stressful. This is what I saw growing up and now I was doing the very same thing. I made promises to myself and to Jesus that I was not going to be this kind of person, but when anything stressful happened, I started drinking. If someone dies or anything stressful happens, I started drinking. Every time I fell and went back to drinking, it was harder and harder to get out of this trap.  At times there seemed no way out.

This last time around, I had been clean for over six months and started hanging out with the family and doing a lot of camping and hunting. I told myself I would only smoke when I drank, and I would only drink when I was camping or at the family’s house. Guess what? That didn’t work! Before I knew it, I was back to drinking a lot and smoking everyday. I was in a dark cloud with no way out. I wanted to serve the Lord and really did love him, but the devil made me feel like I was whole and happier with the smoking and drinking and made me think I could not live without it.

When I quit and became clean, I would mourn like I had lost someone because satan made me think it fulfilled me.  One day as I was praying and asking for help, I realized I didn’t want to live this way.  My dad is sixty two years old and still in bondage t0 drinking and lives in anger. I came across New Life Deliverance Center’s “Jesus Setting Free” website, I looked at it a couple times that day and finally called. Pastor Bob prayed with me that day and it was truly amazing.  I was delivered! I also received the Holy Ghost, praise Jesus! The Lord let this happen over the phone.

Praise JESUS!  I also realized all the generational curses that had me in bondage from smoking and drinking. When we prayed for the spirit to be cast out by the blood of Jesus, I felt like bricks were taken off my chest.  I always walked around with my chest feeling so heavy and now the weight was gone. Praise Jesus that this could be done over the phone! I live all the way in Arizona (that is a bit of a drive to Indiana).

PRAISE JESUS I’VE BEEN SET FREE AND THAT IT WAS DONE OVER THE PHONE! I no longer have the bondage and curses from my parents and my ancestors PRAISE JESUS! I was never able to stop before but now I know that I’ve been set free because I now know when satan is attacking me. Bob had told me that satan was going to attack and had to be in the Holy Spirit every day. I thank Jesus for the New Life Deliverance Center coming into my life and Bob sharing with me what satan would try to do. PRAISE JESUS!

I have not touched either alcohol or cigarettes since that day. I know I was truly delivered because that day I thought about smoking the last of cigarettes that I had, but instead, I destroyed them.

When Bob and I were praying and talking, he told me to be very aware and listen and pay attention and rebuke satan and the demons at all times because the devil would attack me like a roaring lion. Oh boy, he wasn’t kidding!  Satan was after me and he wanted that spirit living back with me. In the following weeks, my husband lost his job and two of our friends found out that they had cancer. My husband was doing some work over at my parents’ house, and man did Satan ever attack me while we were there. I was ready to smoke again. My mind started plotting how I could start smoking again. All these ideas started going through me. I thought I would have my mom keep the cigarettes and I would only smoke when I went over to her house. This way I would not be so angry and I would stop being hard on everyone and stop thinking no one could do any thing right. I felt like I wasn’t going to be happy until I could smoke just one cigarette. Then I thought “I’ll just wait until I see someone smoking and then give them a couple of dollars just for two smokes that way I wont keep smoking and this way I won’t have a whole pack and won’t start up and do it everyday like I used to. Once I do this I will be so calm.”

Oh my goodness! Satan was attacking my mind (with thoughts like) “I would be happy if I smoked.” I don’t think so! This is a temple of Jesus and I’ve been set free, and remember the tools that Bob had shared with me because satan was running things through my head like a turbo jet.

I had to renounce and renounce, oh my, that was tough. Then the following week we went back over there, I became this angry depressed person and I was so mad at my husband. I should have been praying but instead I was thinking of all the things he was doing wrong. Satan was clearly attacking my mind and stressing me out. I prayed a prayer asking the Lord to forgive me because I was going to the store and felt like it was time to have a couple smokes. I was so stressed out!  My husband had no job and life was just terrible and “that smoke was going to make everything better.” I got out and went into the store and started praying and renouncing satan telling him “get away and take your demons with you! Get away from me and my family! The bondage is gone! The generational curse is gone! Get away satan, you will not have any part of my life in the blood of JESUS AMEN!!!!!!!!!!”

I should have been renouncing satan and his demons in the blood of Jesus. This is truly where satan comes in like a roaring lion, later that night I just kept getting madder and thought “I will just have a couple beers but I need to run to the store for smokes because I can’t drink without them, (because I don’t drink and drive). I need to go now before I have that drink because I know I’ll want a smoke with those beers.”

I had to pray and renounce. There he was again just a couple hours later trying to get me to fall so that I would think that I wasn’t truly delivered and still had those hereditary curses on me and my family. This way I would go back to my old ways thinking that this was all a joke. Then I started praising Jesus because He had delivered me. My eyes were open now and I knew this was satan attacking again. I remembered while praying and talking to Bob, the warning he gave me about satan’s attacks and how he should be renounced at all times. I am free and will always be free from this bondage. I will not let my guard down. Satan can’t and won’t run with my mind.

You need to be in prayer and on your toes at all times. I know that I’m truly delivered and know why the other times it didn’t work; I had no tools, now it’s very clear why I failed. I have Jesus right there with me at all times. Praise Jesus I’m set free, these chains are gone. My bondage is broken in the blood of Jesus. I’m clean and haven’t touched any thing since the day I was set free and delivered from alcohol and smoking. The generational curses are broken. I know that this was an inherited curse and it was broken and I was set free by the blood of Jesus on the day I received the Holy Ghost.

I praise Jesus everyday for bringing me to this web site. I don’t have to live in bondage anymore – I’m free, no more weights. I know the road can be hard, don’t give up! Every time satan tells you you’re no good,  you tell him “Get away in Jesus name, amen, and I’m good because I’m a child of God that shed his blood for me.”

It doesn’t matter that my husband lost his job because the Lord provides and I won’t let this temple be stressed to smoke or drink because of it.  Praise JESUS! I’m so blessed. My brother and sisters in Christ don’t give up! I know sometimes there looks like no way out, but let me tell you with Jesus there’s always way out.

Satan will attack and it seems unbearable, or makes the sin look so good and fulfilling, but on the other side is depression, suicide, bondage, never being happy, death and a lot of heartache and guilt. We will bind all these in the blood of Jesus you have no place in our life in Jesus name, Amen. Live your life for Jesus. I praise you Jesus for what you have done and brought into my life.

In Christ Love,

Amy K