“Delivered from drugs and alcohol, but I was still smoking!”

About 5 years ago my children and I were living at the Woman’s Shelter. The Lord led me there and had previously delivered me from drugs and alcohol. The only thing was that I was still smoking.

My friend told me about New Life Deliverance Center and that the Lord put an anointing on the Pastor, Bob Bassler, to deliver people from drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. Well, I was desperate and I wanted to be free from smoking, so I called Bob and he came and gave me a ride to the New Life Deliverance Center since I did not have a car. He would come and pick me up every Friday to take me to church.

I remember the first time he came and picked me up. I was waiting outside smoking a cigarette, thinking, “Well, this could be the last time I smoke so I’m going to try to get as much out of the cigarette and my lighter. Bob Bassler layed hands on me and I was instantly delivered from smoking! I also received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Women’s Shelter only gives you about 3 months, then you have to leave. Well, I was down to my last days and the Lord opened up a room for my children and me at the Homeless shelter. Every Tuesday, Bob Bassler came to the Homeless Shelter to preach the Word of God. I would look forward to going to the services.

Since then, the Lord has blessed me with an apartment and a car. I still go every Friday night and I get blessed each and every time. Thank you, Jesus for delivering me from cigarettes and for Bob Bassler and the New Life Deliverance Center.

Jennifer Cantu