“Give Satan an inch and he will be a ruler”

I first met Bob Bassler through Sybil Martin, she was my best friend’s mother. She is now with the Lord, but what she left behind is a legacy of saved souls. She would take us for walks and we would talk. She always said that Bob was there for us if we needed prayer. Bob and I met soon after this and have been good friends since.

I was a Buddhist for two years. Even though I knew about Jesus, I fell into a trap when I went to a Buddhist temple. I became a member and got a scroll-infused with a demon. Chanting and building your own Butsidon was next. It is a box that houses the scroll. The essence (spirit) of their original Buddha was in each scroll (a legion).

It was during the time that I was practicing in my room for one hour each day that I noticed that my children were falling apart; first my son, then my eldest daughter. Chanting for them did nothing as their lives continued to spiral downward.

I went to Taekwondo (Martial arts) classes. Since it seemed safe enough, I enrolled the entire family. We all went to the classes, bowing to their flag and practicing respect to their country and all its spirits. This was my first introduction to Satan and his deceit. Not understanding, I opened a gateway in our lives to another culture and the many gods that came with it. We were in the Korean fighting classes. This was also a door to accepting Buddhism.

I thought their culture was admirable; the respect and discipline intrigued my logical thinking. I craved the grace and order of it all. The flow and beauty of motion mesmerized me! All this time, my family was feeling the effects of me practicing this way of life.

Finally, when my son was facing jail time, I took him to be prayed for. I knew he needed Jesus. I was still a Buddhist, but God was reminding me what life was before Buddhism. On the day that my son got saved and filled with the Spirit of God, I too was showered with God’s love and forgiveness. I got saved that day also.God got two birds with one stone!

I remember the day was so bright and the room seemed illuminated with more than the sun. All around us seemed brightly lit. It was so beautiful.

Both Jack (my son) and I felt new, felt like we were given a new fresh start.

The next miracle was that he was not jailed that day. The charges were reduced to a misdemeanor. Many miracles have followed since. I joined the church and sing in the praise team. Jack turned his life around and earns honest money now.  All the old desires for easy money and a life of crime are gone. Jack gives praise to the Lord for his success and new life.

I am again a praying mother. I thank God for his grace and mercy. He loved me through it all and took me back with loving arms. I thank him also for covering my family.

Thank you Bob and Sybil for showing me the path back to God. I hope you don’t have to go through as much as I did before you realize that you need Jesus. I will pray for you because someone prayed for me!

God bless you all!

May God be in your journey.

Louann Pfleger