“I was a full blown ADDICT!”

I would like to start by sharing my love and gratitude to the one man that was able to save me from the evil forces of self-destruction.

Thank you Jesus for coming into my life and deeming me worthy of your love and grace. Today, I am blessed to be alive and able to reach out to others being fooled by Satan’s lies and deceit.

My story starts like so many, yet ends like so few.

I started using drugs at an early age (approx 10-11 yrs old). I started with alcohol and marijuana, and by the age of 16 started using cocaine. I don’t know when I lost control of the drugs, or if I ever was even in control. I’m not going to go into great detail about my using, just take my word for it; I was a full-blown addict! Satan and his demonic spirits robbed twenty plus years of my life from me.

In October of 2001, I once again found myself in a drug rehab in Hammond, Indiana. From there I went to the “Homeless Center” in South Bend, Indiana. This would be the beginning of a new life for me. This would be the place where I cried out to God and my life would change forever. I remember standing outside looking up at the sky, it was a very night and the clouds were dark and full and moving unusually fast. I looked up toward the heavens and told God that if he really exists, then show me a sign, a way out of this hell the I have been living.

The world felt different that night. I had complete faith that God was going to show me something, and he did. It was Bob Bassler and the New Life Deliverance Center. He became the vessel that the Lord used and is continuing to use to get the attention of those in despair. It was through my new friends that I learned about Jesus and how he could change my life. He would “save me” if I allowed him to work in my life. I asked him to forgive me and I confessed with my mouth that Jesus is the Son of God and believed with my heart that he died on the cross for my sins. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and commanded Satan to flee this new temple of the Lord. Everything changed in my life. I went from being a full-blown addict, living on the streets and in a homeless shelter to being blessed beyond anything I could imagine. In the matter of two months, I was free of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine as well as blessed with a job making over $55,000 a year in Atlanta, Georgia. Then Jesus blessed me with a beautiful woman named Sylvia. She is an Angel sent by God. She is my wife and I love her second only to God. Today we live in Florida, we have everything we need, but most of all, we have Jesus and his love.

Thank you Jesus for loving me!

Daniel G.