Crack cocaine


“I kept coming back to the demonic world and I hated every bit of it. I hated the crack and alcohol but just kept feeding myself with no control. I was on my way to death!!’

My name is Rick and I am from Texas. At a very early age, I was sneaking alcohol and cigarettes from my parents as early as 7 years old. My father’s Playboy magazines were also available so there were my lust patterns at this very early age. I always felt different in elementary school because I was already chasing girls trying to get them to have mini sex adventures while most of the other kids were playing on the monkey bars. My parents lived 9 miles from Mexico so starting as early as a freshman in high school my friends and I would go have as much alcohol as we wanted at the cantinas, which led to smoking pot, but I had very paranoid experiences with it.

This was getting really ugly… I started searching for something more or different so I tried Cocaine and Ecstasy and became addicted from the first snort and pill. I looked at life in fantasy now, not reality. I began to listen to depressing fantasy music by Depeche Mode. I would listen to the same songs over and over and over every day. I guess you could have called them my god or an idol. The music put me in a different place. I became addicted to the lustful dark fantasy of  the music and I would not listen to anything else. I was having as much sex as I could, always finding a new sex partner and I was getting drunk and high with all sorts of people at least four times a week. I was very persistent to get all my fixes as much as I could. Somehow I was still a working man during the days. Not much sleep though. That’s what I now was alive for, nothing else, just partying.

Then one day I could not find any cocaine.  I was tempted by a waitress at a strip club to try Rock (Crack). What a mistake! After that day, I was hooked on crack for at least 10 years and was now drinking large amounts of hard alcohol that usually kills people in one sitting. Hiring prostitutes was then part of the Crack adventure. During the last four years of my crack use, I was severely depressed and finally asked my mother to buy me a Bible. But it just sat there for months collecting dust until one night a Voice told me to open up this Bible and I did, to the Psalms for some reason. Sitting on my bed at 1 in the morning I began reading. Immediately my bed started to shake and tremor, my room began to swirl hot and cold air – really freaky now! Yes, I was really freaked!! Then a voice suddenly came into my head saying “Rick, you’re ok, it’s God and you are protected, keep reading and have faith in Me.”

I felt the evil spirits going crazy but God gave me peace and knowledge at the same time. I read till 6 o’clock in the morning feeling peace while these crazy things were going on around me and that was the first time I can ever remember pouring alcohol down the drain. That was the moment I became a Believer and was aware that the spiritual world is very real. This was when I first saw something floating around in my apartment and I realized they were demons. They were swirling around in different shapes and also had little blinking lights coming and going even through me. I immediately realized I had been living in the world of Satan my whole life. I now accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

A couple of weeks later, I kept on binge drinking and using hard drugs plus more. I was too far in the dark I guess. I was going back and forth to Jesus and the demonic. One night while sleeping I was in an inescapable maze dungeon with these weird monsters and creatures chasing me, it was so real I could hear all of the footsteps and it was the scariest thing that has happened to me. I’m not sure if I had died and gone to Hell or if it was just a very demonic dream, which I have had several. This was extremely frightening at the time.

I did go to church as a kid and on holidays but I just did it for family, not really understanding or believing. I had finally realized that this power and strongholds was Satan who had me completely blind enslaved and deceived for all of these years. He was the dark cloud I felt this whole time that I couldn’t understand where it was coming from. Wow!!! These were actual real powers that made me do all of this deadly life style! There is God and Jesus, God’s Son, and he really did come from Heaven, Suffered, Died and Rose again back into Heaven the 3rd day after his death, and there is a real devil and there now is No Doubt About It!!!

Since that first spiritual experience I have been to church off and on and talked with priests and pastors and even went to a deliverance pastor in Beumont TX, also tithing regularly in which I still received many miracle blessings in lots of ways. But, I never could live in complete victory. I kept on doing crack, calling prostitutes, drinking and lots of pornography, pills, and other drugs. But only now, I read the Bible and prayed regularly but I didn’t try to walk as Jesus did, but I did now know that He was here for all of us and did walk this earth as a human. I did know that for sure!

I have seen demons in different shapes, colors, and some that even look as the heat off the street or car on a hot day, and can sense when they come around for attacks now. Now I came to my senses of where these addictions and actions were coming from. I was seeing the number 666, and 333 constantly everywhere I mean everywhere and all of the time. If those numbers were around somehow I would find it but not searching them. It was like a voice telling me to look and I would to the speedometer at the exact times the numbers would turn by, the tread machine, license plates, clocks billboards, and I’ve been woken up several times at exactly 333 in the morning. I would just turn my head at the right time to see the numbers on the clock at home and in hotel rooms.

I would read the bible while doing crack and say prayers and the demons would sometimes scream in terror but I still wouldn’t stop crack cause of them being stronger than my faith was I guess. I could feel hundreds or thousands or more. I was miserable. I could feel the disappointment by God but I still wouldn’t stop. I was sure I was going to hell even though I was trying to walk as a Believer in Christ Jesus, but not doing a good job at all with this. My cat would hiss at them and do weird physical things and make odd sounds, meowing like crazy when I was doing crack but I still couldn’t stop – they had me! I was praying to the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior, but my faith was too low and I kept coming back to the demonic world and I hated every bit of it. I hated the crack and alcohol but just kept feeding myself with no control. I was on my way to death!!

I finally went to a 30 day Christian treatment center in California. I had been dry now since Oct 2007 until July 2009. Then, I started listening to the old music which God had told me not to go back into. Depeche Mode. Then guess what? I had about a ten day drinking binge and I felt and saw the devils and demons back and I was again living in the dark. I knew they were winning over me, but again I wouldn’t stop this binge. I had two years of being sober from drugs and alcohol, but l I was doing just ok. But still couldn’t kick the pornography and cigarettes, constant lust and two adulteress relationships all in the last few months. By the way, these have been just a few experiences that I’m telling you today.

When I came to Bob Bassler on July 28th 2009, through the New Life Deliverance Center web site which somehow God led me to, he gave me the information and powerful deliverance prayers that I’ve never experienced before because I was still listening to the demons and devils, even when I was saved 4 years ago. I’ve even been filled with the Holy Ghost many times and even had demons shriek out of my ear, but I kept allowing them back in through lack of faith. Bob made me realize that the devil had been tricking me and making me believe lies all of these years. All because of lack of really believing the Word of God and by not trusting Him. I just didn’t have complete faith in the Lord by believing the lies and arrows that Satan would shoot at me. Through Bob’s powerful prayers and his educating me, I now know that I do have complete deliverance. and now I believe Christ and the Word, not the demons lying to me these last 4 years or so. I thank the Lord, oh DO I!!!!

Now I need to really absolutely put on my armor and be a true working battle soldier for Christ and not just a Believer sitting on the side lines getting shot at by the deceiver and his followers and accepting lies. I need to help others as you have helped me so tremendously, Bob and the New Life Deliverance Center. Thanks Bob and your ministry for your powerful deliverance prayers and guidance to Jesus Christ our Savior! You have shown me to have 100% faith in Christ and you have been a huge blessing to me and others that I help.

This is my true story. Most people just think I’m crazy and should be in a mental hospital. But most believers will listen.