“The first thing that I believe opened a door for the devil was when I found a Led Zeppelin tape…I also played with Ouija boards which worsened the situation and opened another door for the enemy…”

I am 35 years old and have battled narcotics for over 10 years. I grew up with a Christian mother who was a wonderful influence in my life. I asked Jesus to come into my heart when I was about six years old and He has helped me throughout my life. My dad is an addict and alcoholic as was his father before him. Looking back now, I am vividly aware that I have had a generational curse on my life though my father.

The first thing that I believe opened a door for the devil was when I found a Led Zeppelin tape (CDs weren’t around yet) and started listening to it. Shortly thereafter, I started smoking cigarettes, which eventually led to smoking pot and drinking. I kept doing that for years. I also played with Ouija boards which worsened the situation and opened another door for the enemy (more from the generational curse). I married an addict who also had bipolar disorder and remained with him for eight years. This was an emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive relationship. The very next morning, God miraculously gave me the strength to get up and walk out for good. (I had left about eight times before, but could never stay away, so this is a HUGE miracle for me.)

Unfortunately, before leaving this relationship, I met a friend who was addicted to hydrocodone. She introduced me to it and I realized that when my husband would mentally abuse me that the hydrocodone would make it so that I didn’t hear him any more. I have battled narcotics ever since. I have detoxed from the Lortab addiction over ten times throughout the years. Then about seven years ago I got on a methadone program. I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, taking phentermine diet pills for energy and drinking diet coke constantly. I had a constant feeling that I was going to go to hell because of the methadone.

Then, about three years ago I went to a certain Christian church in my town. When I went down to the front for prayer I didn’t address the methadone with the preacher, but just asked for deliverance. He came and laid hands on all of us who went down and we were each given a prayer partner. I told my prayer partner that I had a constant fear of going to hell because of the methadone use. I also told her all the positive things that had happened in my life since I had gotten on the methadone. The truth is that I was no longer chasing drugs, which consumed my life, because I had a never-ending supply of methadone. The prayer partner told me it was ok to be taking the methadone and that Jesus died for all our sins and I wasn’t going to hell because of using the methadone.

I continued using the methadone for the next three years. I was tired of being chained to the (methadone) medication, so I started thinking about quitting for a few years.
Then one day, I prayed that the Lord would deliver me from it. This was the first time I had prayed to the Lord and COMPLETELY laid down all of my addictions. Before then I would pray, but the truth is that I would “hang on” to the methadone and cigarette addictions, not totally giving myself to the Lord in prayer. I asked Him to forgive me and help me to change. I remember right then that the guilt I had felt for so long had been replaced with a feeling that I was forgiven and I just felt so sorry that I had been misled for so long. I continued using the methadone and smoking, however, but knew the Lord was with me in my quest for deliverance.

I started researching the Rapid Detox methods and other ways of being free from the methadone. In the process of this I Googled (searched online for) “deliverance from methadone” and Bob Bassler’s website popped up. The minute I saw it I knew this was the answer. I printed out the deliverance prayer and continued to think about praying it for about a week. I was still afraid.

Then, I decided that it would be better for me to pray the prayer and continue to try to get clean from the methadone than not to pray the prayer and walk the death road. I called pretty early in the morning, but Bob answered the phone and prayed with me. He went over the scriptures regarding addiction and I started getting courage. I prayed with Bob and demanded that the demons leave my life.

Now, I have thought that I’ve felt the power of God before in my life, but NOTHING like the power I felt when I prayed with Bob. I started speaking in tongues! When I spoke in tongues, my whole body (arms, legs, stomach, everything) felt electrified. I had goose bumps all over my arms and legs! I felt the power of God while on the phone with Bob. I stopped praying in tongues and just praised the Lord in English. Then I prayed in tongues again and the same exact thing happened! It was like I was plugged into an electric socket and the power of God went all through my body again!

I got off the phone and poured out the rest of my methadone. Immediately when I poured out the methadone I started sweating profusely. I took only about one second after I poured out my methadone and watched it go down the drain that I started sweating profusely. The drugs and nicotine were literally sweating out of my body. It was like God was pushing the poisons out of my body. My whole shirt was soaked with sweat.

I called Bob back and we continued to pray. I am so glad he was there for me and that Jesus cared enough for me to lead me to New Life Deliverance Center (“Jesus Setting Free”). I laid in bed completely exhausted the rest of the day and night. Bob kept calling back to check on me, which was wonderful and gave me hope. I feel that God has delivered me from the addictions that were ruling my life and I hope that anyone who is shackled to narcotics, alcohol, cigarettes, etcetera will find brother Bob and pray with him. He is a soldier in the army of God and has many crowns in heaven for all he is doing for us. I love you Bob abd all of the prayer partners who prayed for me all day yesterday.

Tulsa, Oklahoma