Fornication & Lust

God bless you my name is Lourdes and I had been struggling with the spirit of fornication, lust, pornography for some time now.

I was a backsliding Christian for more years then my faithful years with Christ. Fornication was my main struggle. I thought I could beat it on my own but I kept falling. I’ve been engaged to a believer for about 2 years now. We were good in the beginning but that didn’t last long, we fell in the sin of fornication which led us both to back slide. We are going on two years and I am so tired for sinning against God. I knew something has to give so I started looking on line for help. I typed up “deliverance” (from fornication and pornography) and I saw your web site “Jesus Setting Free” so I started reading about fornication. The testimonies were heartfelt and full of hope. I thought to myself “could I too be delivered from the spirit of fornication, lust, pornography and all generational curses?

The website stayed on my mind for a while that week and I wondered “if I’d call will Pastor Bob answer and pray with me like he did with the testimonials, and I too could be delivered?

The day before I called a spirit of lust had come over me so heavy and I thought I was going to fall again but I prayed and I called my fiancee and I told him and he prayed for me, and that spirit eventually left me alone. The next day I woke up again thinking about the testimonies and said TODAY IS THE DAY I’M GOING TO CALL JESUS SETTING FREE because I too was going to be set free.

So I dialed the number for deliverance that I already had  saved on my phone :) and Pastor Bob himself answered. I was in shock but at the same time happy. I introduced myself told him how I found the web site  and that I read them great testimonies. We talked for a minute and he said he was going to pray for me and that I was going to be delivered from all that was not of God. And I said yes and Amen!

So he prayed and I agreed and received during the prayer the tears started falling, my body felt warm and I felt the fire of God all over my body and a heavy weight being lifted from my body. I knew it was God removing all that was not of Him. Praise God! Glory be to God. After that My deliverance took place!

Pastor Bob asked me if I was baptized in the Holy Ghost and I said no, so once again he started praying over me and I felt the fire of God in my belly. God had given me the gifts of (speaking in other) tongues. Wow Lord thank you and I thank God for Brother Bob and his ministry. I pray that the Lord will give you an overflow. In Jesus name! Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! Jesus setting free ministry!!! I AM DELIVERED! FROM ALL THAT IS NOT OF GOD! LORD JESUS THANK YOU FOR YOUR MERCY AND GRACE! GOD BLESS YOU BOB.

– Lourdes