My name is Chester Rogers

I was hooked on methadone for close to 21 years resulting from a fall that I had and mangled my leg and I had to have extensive surgery. I was put on pain medication and I couldn’t get off of it. The doctors recommended me to go to a methadone center and carry on from there, which out of ignorance I did, not knowing what the methadone center was.

I went exactly like they told me but their solution was to keep me there as long as they could; it was costing me $120 a week. They weren’t trying to get me off of any drugs after 21 years. I went to my pastor at my church and we were talking about my situation. My pastor asked me to come to his office to talk about it. My pastor prayed for me – we had had prayer for it before over this but there was no deliverance. I come from the old school, my dad was a Pentecostal preacher, he was strong in faith, healing, and deliverance. I knew that healing was still available today if you just have faith and trust in the Lord.

So my pastor and I went to his office, after we had prayer, he searched online for the word “methadone” on his computer. All of a sudden Pastor Bob’s website popped up on the screen in the search results when searching for deliverance from methadone. I didn’t know anything about the site but we read it. It was a testimony on being set free from methadone.

I got in touch with Pastor Bob and when I came home from church on Sunday night. I called him and we began to pray. He commanded the devil of witchcraft, the Pharmakeia spirit, because you’re being controlled by a spirit. I was not real ignorant to the word but I knew that’s what I was researching and trying to find.

Pastor Bob and I began to pray. While we were praying I began to sweat profusely and heat came all over my body from the power of God all over me and in the house.

I’m here to tell you that I got set free from the methadone!

I had been afraid of it instead of having dominion over it through Christ Jesus and the blood of Jesus. I was afraid of it but when we prayed I got total deliverance from it. I was wringing wet in sweat as Bob described was the power of God pushing the poison out of my body. I got deliverance from 21 years on methadone. At the time I got set free I was taking 60mg a day.

The difference between my pastor praying for me and Pastor Bob praying for me was that Pastor Bob commanded the evil spirit of witchcraft and methadone – which is nothing but a spirit – to come out. He commanded the devil to come out, and the devil came out and I began to feel much better in a way that I hadn’t felt in years.

No withdrawals, I was free!

And when you get in bondage 21 years being set free – I mean free, totally free… awesome is not the word, I can’t think of a word… but I’m here to tell you that methadone is nothing but a spirit under witchcraft.

You’ve got to want deliverance, can’t hang onto anything (from the past) and want it out of your life, and the Lord will truly set you free, and I am an example!

What Jesus has done for Chester’s deliverance from methadone he can do for you! There’s no distance in prayer – call for deliverance!