“Ed believed he could just look and lust. What did it hurt? After all, he believed he “was a man.” However, it did not stop at just looking.”

Ed became a born again Christian after falling into sin many times. This last time the authorities got Ed to his knees begging for God’s help and forgiveness.

Ed believed he was a Christian, however, he was in the driver’s seat. Ed was successful in his fight against alcohol, drugs, gambling, and smoking by using recovery programs such as A.A., GA, NA, and SA. Ed has not had a failure in over twenty-two years with A.A. and N.A. and thirty years with gambling.

Ed believed he could just look and lust. What did it hurt? After all, he believed he “was a man.” However, it did not stop at just looking. Lust grew and Ed started looking at porn, visiting porn web sites, reading magazines, and watching x-rated movies. Ed thought I’m not hurting anyone. Ed didn’t understand he was hurting his wife, himself and most importantly God.

Ed met his wife Bernice at church. She is a born again Christian and God put Bernice into his life because a man needs a praying wife – there is power here. Ed and Bernice started a health improvement business and were very successful. Things were looking up and revenues were climbing. In the first year one store alone earned nearly $500,000. The business catered mostly to women and had a play area for children.

But, because of Ed’s addiction to porn and his lust he started acting out at female employees and became an adulterer. Ed had adult porn on his business laptop and the result of that action is what eventually brought Ed to the New Life Deliverance Center.

Ed left a porn-pictures document open on his laptop and just forgot it was there. The PC fell into sleep mode and the screen was blank just waiting for anyone to touch a key and it would resurface. Unfortunately one of the young children that was at Ed’s facility wandered into the open office and touched the keyboard. She had all the porn in plain sight. Ed discovered the child in his office and tried frantically to get the pictures off the screen. The child went back to her mom who was sitting twenty feet away. During this entire time the child and Ed were in plain view of mom.

Unfortunately it didn’t end there. The child told mom about the porn, mom told dad, dad told police and they confiscated Ed’s PC. Ed told Bernice and she told him to leave the house. Ed left home and went to a hotel. It was there in the small hotel room, while clutching the Bible, Ed asked God for Mercy and Forgiveness. No sooner than he put down the Bible, the phone rang and Bernice said, “Ed, come home.”

Later, the newspaper printed the story, Ed got arrested and the business failed. The business went from a thriving business to an empty one, almost overnight. Ed and Bernice lost over $1.6 million and the cost of legal representation took all their savings and they also lost their home and car.

Ed has admitted his addiction to porn. As for the charges brought against him, the lie detector tests he submitted to, and the witnesses questioned, substantiate his claim to innocence. However the court did not relent and continued to prosecute him.

Meanwhile, Ed was baptized and started reading in the Bible, attending Bible studies and became an active born again Christian, struggling with his faith. Then, with one dynamic event, Ed’s life as a Christian became dramatically easier.

Ed brought a friend from his Granger Tuesday night recovery meeting to the New Life Deliverance Center for deliverance from the demons that plagued him. Pastor Bob Bassler took one look at Ed and said, “Come here brother, you need prayer!” Bob prayed and immediately Ed was finally and totally set free from his demon of porn. His struggling was over.

Ed began attending New Life Recovery meetings at NLDC. Later, Pastor Bob baptized Ed at a special service. Ed has given his life to God and God is making positive moves in his life.

The story doesn’t end there. The lower court had postponed the case for 2 1/2 years and during this time:

  • The EECO has refused to prosecute bogus harassment charges brought by a former employee. Later a Federal Judge dismissed the same charges.
  • The police who arrested Ed are no longer permitted to work cases of this nature.
  • The prosecuting attorney in charge of the case has resigned.
  • Two eye witnesses at the store during this entire time claim nothing happened.
  • Ed continues his 3 1/2 year record of attending pastoral and secular therapy, addiction recovery meetings, and is free from acting out behaviors.
  • Ed is spiritual leader of a porn recovery meeting that meets every week.

Ed attends New Life Deliverance Center meetings where he was set free from the demon of porn and lust.

Ed and Bernice received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at the New Life Deliverance Center and began speaking in tongues.