Substance Abuse


“I am 100% free, and I owe it all to Jesus!”

It all began in New Mexico. I was 16 years old. Smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, and sexual immorality was everyday life for me. I grew up for the most part in a small town until I was about 21 years old.

Probably the worst part of it all was that I thought my life was normal. I spent the next 5 years becoming more distant from my family and friends, and deeper into drugs and alcohol, and all the trouble that comes along with these addictions.

I woke up one morning and I couldn’t stand the sight of my own face in the mirror. I had become a terrible, mean, disgusting excuse for a human being. I began to question the true meaning of life and how it got so bad.

The Lord showed me a way, and I followed. I went to a Rescue Mission called the “Hope”. The Lord revealed himself to me overwhelmingly. I then went to a “Recovery” meeting at New Life Deliverance. Pastor Bob picked us up and took us to the meeting. That was in February 2003. Since then, I have been Delivered from the spirits of Alcohol, Drugs, and the “big daddy” (Nicotine). This is my testimony.

I came to Indiana for one reason, and now I know that reason was to meet Jesus. Jesus loves me and He wanted to show me how much. I’m now completely free, 100%, and I owe it all to Jesus.

Jake P.
New Mexico